Herbert Ford, Director

Pitcairn Islands Study Center
Pacific Union College
Angwin, CA

“A historical interest-gripper and a literary gem”

Congratulations on your accuracy and interesting layout of the book throughout.  It is a wonderful tribute to Captain Driver, Pitcairn’s hero, who saved them from a fate as certain as death in Tahiti in the 1830s.  The reader will find “Old Glory” to be both a historical interest-gripper and a literary gem.

Nancy Toon

Atlanta, GA

“Stranger and more exciting than fiction”

Sometimes truth is stranger and more exciting than fiction, and that is the case with the story of  Captain William Driver and “Old Glory”.  Each chapter is full of history and the abilities of an exceptional member of our past.

Pam Garrett

Nashville, TN

“You cannot put it down”

Never have I read such an engaging and all-encompassing book.  The life and times of Captain William Driver portrays history, adventure, faith, public service, social conscientiousness, and the very best of American patriotism.  This is a man whose accomplishments, enough for two lifetimes, are for all times.  Truly inspiring.  Read it!  You cannot put it down.

Walker Batts

Nashville, TN

“A lively and engaging read”

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book.  Captain Driver was a fascinating man, adventurer and dedicated patriot, a true leader in every sense of the word.  Jack Benz relates his great-great grandfather Driver’s life in the first person, making for a lively and engaging read.

Harry Chapman

Franklin, TN

“Detailed global adventure”

The story of Captain William Driver is a detailed global adventure of a true American patriot as told through the accounts of his great, great-grandson.

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Old Glory

The Life and Times of Patriot Captain William Driver

The true story of a young boy who goes to sea at age 14, becomes Captain at 21, and experiences adventure in the South Pacific, as told by his great-great-grandson from information inherited, personally researched and collected for over 50 years.